The Speed Project 1.0 was held in March, 2013 and was meant to answer one question: How fast can you run from Point A to Point B? To answer this question, two women and four men decided to see how fast they could run from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. There was no precedent and the only advice found was from a single person who walked the route before, although it turns out he hitched the last section from Baker to Las Vegas.
This journey has since attracted many other runners to do the same in order to challenge their body, souls and mental fitness again and again for which an annual event has been established: The Speed Project Los Angeles Las Vegas Relay (short: TSP LALV RELAY). LALV RELAY is an invite only to all who are crazy enough to think experiencing the anticipation, tension, pain, suffering, and accomplishment in person is a good idea.
In march 2019 TSP 5.0 will take place hosting teams from around 20 countries including first timers from Brazil, China, Korea, India and Spain.
TSP 5.0 has a couple of OG teams going for the win and the all female record (44 hrs 27 mins) is about to get destroyed.
This once-in-a-lifetime adventure is about running as a relay from the Santa Monica Pier through the suburbs of Los Angeles, on heated up roads and pathways through the Mojave Desert, during day and night, until the team has reached the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign”.
The only and most important rule for this event: the distance needs to be covered by foot.  The teams consist of six or more runners, from which two must be women. Only teams of six people with at least two women make it into the official racing rating.
  • Total distance: Approximately 340 miles (550 kilometers)
  • The current record from TSP LALV in 2018 for a co-ed 6 runner (4M/2F) team is: 35 hours and 49 minutes
  • The all female record from 2017 (6 women) is 44 hours 27 minutes


It all began with a video of the first TSP run, that Dominique received from one of the initial runners: she was instantly inspired and wanted to participate in this run once in her lifetime. In order to get there she had get into running and started just a few days later. Some years – and some runs – later Dominique started a search for other team members, who would also be willing to take part in this challenge and run through the desert from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
This marked the point in time when “340MilesClub” was born in Berlin, Germany. A team consisting of unknown and different type of people, who all shared the same passion: RUNNING.
With that it was not only a physical challenge, but also a social one, in which people who did not know each other decided to take on the adventure that is mainly about holding together and supporting each other.
  • To reach the Vegas sign with all team runners and experience the once in a lifetime project together.
  • To learn about our physical and mental strength during the challenge.
  • To enjoy every moment and keep the memories in our hearts.

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